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Type Online-Only Auction
Price Realized 56.00 USD
Date Sold 2/22/2018

Auctioneer Tommy Wagner Auctions
Location Roanoke, VA 24012
Date(s) 2/9/2018 - 2/22/2018

Lot # 24
Lead Howard Miller Clock,13" T,21j, West Germany
Runs Great, with book and key. Wound partially and running so smooth. Working Clock
Name Giles Living Estate
Auctioneer Tommy Wagner Auctions
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 2/9/2018 - 2/22/2018
Feb. 22nd , 2018, @ 7:00 PM with Internet Bidding only.
Preview Date/Time Monday 3-5:30, Feb 19th at 1017 Anchor Drive, 24012. Williamson to commander to Anchor.
Checkout Date/Time Friday Feb. 23rd from 1-5:30
Location 1017 Anchor Drive, NW Williamson Rd to Commander to Anchor.
Roanoke, VA 24012
Buyer Premium 5.3 discount with cash. No checks
Ethan Allen, # midcentury,#art,collectibles, household, paintings,original artists,some tools, washer,dryer,few vintage items, books,lighting, Quality
Auction Terms & Conditions Welcome! Please review and understand all terms and conditions for your benefit. ALL Items are offered Totally AS IS in every regard. Our view may not relate to your view. Please avail yourselves the opportunity to preview all items of your interest at scheduled preview time and date as shown in the catalog. No data, statement in catalog shall be deemed to be any warranty or guarantee of any kind. It is bidder responsibility to review. Any measurements shown will be Approximate sizes, round to whole numbers. Any other description given is only an opinion, Not to be treated as Fact. We always try to be accurate however info may be interpreted differently by others. We have no obligation to be absolutely correct in any description. WE ARE NOT AN AUCTION "HOUSE" NOR WILL EVER BE ! We do rent a storage space to have occassional events as a storage space. PICKUP- We are sorry our scheduled Pickup dates and times do not suit all customers. If you cannot make it, Or are unwilling to comply? DO NOT BID Most of our events are located at private home locations. We do not live there! Consequently we are there only for work and pickup events. Please do not Assume we are there at all times for any reason. You may designate any other person to retrieve your goods. Notify Auctioneer by Email ONLY. Due to the major increases in winning bidders we will continue to adat to any better way or procedure. We have to hire enough helpers to Assist you. We are a one man band. We have no employees or full time staff. Please plan to help us help you by being there for pickup at scheduled timee. The locations belong to our clients. Auctioneer is an agent for our clients only. Without notice we may remove certain lots from many catalog without any obligation or stated reason. ALL Goods belong to seller, They often remove "Keep" Items even though we have a contract to sell. We are not "Chatty" , therefore we are unwilling to explain anything. All information is subject to change or revision. We are constantly revising our catalogs as new information is available that may influence bidder perception of any item. We no Longer will accept checks as payment for purchase. ALL bidders must register using updated information. We do not and will not change email addresses, login info and have NO Access to this as all bidder info must be updated by the bidder. Valid addresses and phone numbers Must be in place. This is Customer responsibility. Our goal is to connect every winning bidder to items they have won. Therefore we do not allow anyone to wander around anywhere during pickup. WE DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. All bidders must register, provide accurate information, provide an accurate shipping address and Phone number. Full payment, at auction pickup, invoices will be handed off to our pickers. They will proceed to gather your goods. It is customer responsibility to HAVE HELP enlisted for lifting and removal of ALL items from the premises. All customers must provide Tax exempt certificate. All Items must be removed promptly,safely, and secured for transport by Customers Only. If you arrive with no help, we will fail to go through Checkout until you have secured adequate help. Images do not provide adequate representation of actual sizes. We are not responsible for bidders interpretation of any items. Neither Auctioneer, nor items are perfect. As You Bid you are fully responsible for your own judgment as to condition or other. Shipping: Restricted to items under 25 lbs. All shipped packages will be charged $10 Handling fee, For transport to our facility for processing. Charges will include necessary packaging, Postage, and insurance. All shipped items are subject to 17% buyer premium. We try to be reasonable. All related shipping costs are the responsibily of winning bidders. DO NOT BID if unwilling to abide by terms and conditions. NO SHOWS will be declined permanently from bidding at ALL Future Events. All announcements,whenever made, Take Precedence over any and all other material, whether online or in person. It is customer responsibility to read all, view all including images, and understand. Please be inclined to not cause or damage any Real Property, when visiting or loading or parking. In the event of firearms being offered all laws apply, both Virginia and Federal. Our policy is that we will not sell any firearms to Anyone under the age of 21. Basic Bidding Process: You may leave max bids. The system will automatically bid up as others bid in competition with you bids. All bids must be confirmed to ba accepted and recorded in the system. Lot stagger time varies per event. 15 to 20 seconds. As the timer is active on each lot closing bid closing is extended by 2 minutes. Read all Informational lots please. Pickup addres is always Auction address. We will not accept calls for address, It is your responsibility to write it down. Generally is noted on Invoices. No warranties, guarantees of any nature. No Returns or chargebacks. We are not in the storage,moving, hauling or any other business. We appreciate all of our great customers. Anyone who goes through the process of bidding may bid, ANYONE ! Be it auctioneer, helpers or others. Shill bidders will be reported to Federal Authorities immediately. All Terms are subject to chenge without any notice. We are Not Responsible for mistakes, you must know which items you are bidding for. No Refunds or exchanges or Chargebacks. All legal remedies will be used for collection process. Bidding is a contract and is legal and binding upon all. We attempt to be reasonable to All. We are intolerent of bullies, or other combative acts at our events. Help Us help you! A $25 late fee applies to all latecomers, No Refunds unless charges made in error. 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The HWS provides various features including internet absentee bidding, internet-only auctions, and webcast auctions.  The HWS is able to changes its appearance to coincide with the website that it is powering. Accordingly, the HWS powers the website as well as numerous Auction Flex customer websites. This ability to change appearance is a feature of the HWS. Much like internet merchant account providers can host a secure web page for a vendor to easily process payments, the HWS hosts certain portions of the auctioneer's website to easily enable advanced features such as internet bidding.  INTERNET ABSENTEE BIDDING Internet absentee bidding allows you to place a bid for an item in advance of an auction. This allows you to place bids on lots without actually attending the auction. INTERNET-ONLY AUCTIONS Internet only bidding allows you to place a bid for an item prior to the auction lot closing online. In an internet-only auction there is no live auction. WEBCAST AUCTIONS Webcast auctions allow you to bid in real-time against other bidders or place pre-bids prior to a lot going "live". Lots are sold in accordance with the Auctioneer's terms and conditions which are accessible from each lot's page. It is your responsibility to read and accept the Auctioneer's terms and conditions prior to placing your bid. When you place a bid you are agreeing to be bound by the Auctioneer's & Sebae's terms and conditions. By placing a bid you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract. Please keep in mind that you are bidding against other internet bidders as well as floor bidders, phone bidders, and regular absentee bidders (this list does not constitute a complete list of bidder types but does highlight the common bidder channels). The auctioneer, at their discretion, can approve or deny bidders. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or deny bidders for any reason. Prior to approval the auctioneer may contact you to determine your credit worthiness. If the auctioneer approves your bid, the auctioneer will then process your bid in accordance with their terms and conditions. Should your bid for a lot prove successful, the auctioneer may contact you to arrange for payment & shipping (if applicable). If the auctioneer required registration via a credit card, the auctioneer reserves the right to process your winning bids to the credit card provided during registration. Sebae, through the Auction Flex & HiBid products & services, facilitates the internet bidding process between the Auctioneer & the bidder. Sebae is in no way a party to the transaction. Because Sebae is not a party to the transaction, you accept that you will have no claim or cause of action against Sebae in respect of the sale (or non-sale) of any Lot. 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Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 50.00 1.00 USD
50.01 - 250.00 5.00 USD
250.01 - 500.00 10.00 USD
500.01 - 5,000.00 25.00 USD
5,000.01 - 12,500.00 100.00 USD
12,500.01 - 9,999,999.99 250.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 5.3 discount with cash. No checks
Payment Terms
Full and complete payment at pickup. 17% Buyer Premium, 5.3 Discount after 5.3% Sales tax added. No discounts for anyone late. Latecomers will be assessed and their card charged for invoice amount and late fee of $25 Credit Card Payments are good for any amount. Without Discount. Paypal will also be accepted as payment. To
Shipping is limited on this event to smalls! Under 10#, On Monday You must make all arrangements for shipping, loading & Transport. No load outs until full payment and settlement. Our satff will faciliate in locating your goods. For most events shipping will occur on the Monday following the close of Auction. Only- No Alternate date. ALL Items must be removed on pickup day. No hauling. Please make plans, Send a friend is OK. BRING Your Helpers for lifting and loading. Otherwise pay whomever can help you. It will take all our staff just to get your goods to you at front door and basement door! Thanks for understanding. Shipping not until Mondays following all auction events.